(Formerly Known as Godrej Soaps Ltd.)
The Godrej Group set up in 1897 has grown to a $1.1 billion conglomerate, powered by a work force of 20,000. Strategic alliances with G.E. appliance, Pillsbury and Sara Lee have exposed the company to the opportunities and challenges of globalization.

Godrej Soaps Ltd., Godrej Group Company besides manufacturing soaps is also a leading producer of oleo chemicals. At its modern integrated factory in glycerin, fatty alcohols, alpha olefins and alpha olefins sulphonates.

The plant has a installed capacity of 30,000 TPA for making Natural Fatty Alcohols from feed stocks such as palm steering and kernel oil, which are renewable vegetable based raw materials. The plant is controlled with Tata-Honeywell's TDC-3000 Distributed Control Systems.

The plant is designed by Lurgi, based on its fatty acid hydrogenation process and engineered by Davy Power gas India Ltd. a subsidiary of John Brown of U.K. The Factory has a well equipped laboratory for quality control and product application.

Products from the plant exposed to North and South America, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa

GODREJ offer a range of Stearic Acids to meet the varied requirements of industry. Those products have been tailor-made in an automated plant-the latest of its kind. Strict production controls results in consistent and high quality. The feature of GODREJ Distilled Stearic Acid is their exceptionally high stability. Their availability in free-flowing flakes are easier to melt and measure and also eliminate dust nuisance and contamination.


CHARACTERISTICS Hystric Hytitre Textric Textric (spl) Distric Calstic Plastric
Lodine Number (max.) 3 3 3 5 9 3 3
Titre Dog.Cen. 54-56 65-66 61-65 58-61 58-64 61-62 53-55
Saponification no. 207-212 197-200 197-204 202-208 200-212 200-202 211-216
Acid Number 206-210 195-200 196-202 200-206 198-210 192-200 210-215
Ash (%) max. 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1
Colour in 6 1/4' 2.0Y 3.0Y 3.0Y 8.0Y 10.0Y 3R-15Y 1R-3Y
Lovibond Cell 0.5R 1.0R 1.0R 1.0R 3.0R
Standard Form Snow Snow Snow White Creamish
Flakes Flakes Flakes Flakes White White
Conforms to ISI Grade 1@ 2 3
Suggested Application Cosmetic pharmaceutica Foods & Chemicals Stearatesl Metal Polish Cosmetics Chemical Speciality 8.0Y Chemical Metalic 3R-15Y 1R-3Y